I've acted as a composer and producer on a series of "audio-drama" collaborations with the weird, amazing polymath William Nava. "Audio-drama" was our vision of a genre defined by a spoken-word track, usually narrative, with a carefully built music or music-adjacent soundtrack behind it. It was modeled after the work of Joe Frank.

I've also composed a couple of things and written a handful of songs, some of which I've even managed to record (though mostly never published.) This list is here mostly as a to-do list for myself.

On that topic...



I've played in a couple of bands. Current acts include:

Former or defunct acts include:


For a while I sang in a couple of groups focused on renaissance-era ecclesiastical music. I'm no longer doing it actively but it remains deeply influential for me. I mostly sang under the incomparable Chris Mueller. I sang every voice part from bass up to alto. Here are a couple of pages for the choirs in question that include recordings: